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All SPS meeting are held in 1400 BPS every other Monday at 6:00 pm. Free pizza and pop are provided - bring your friends!

Fall 2014 Meeting Schedule

8 September
Speaker: Dr. Wade Fisher
Topic: Higgs Boson
Additional: Thank you Dr. Fisher for a very informative, accessible talk!

22 September
Speaker: Dr. Mike Syphers
Topic: TBA

6 October
General Body Meeting, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, WaMPS Program, Informal Q&A Session w/ Officers

20 October

3 November
Speaker: Dr. Scott Pratt
Topic: TBA

17 November

1 December

Spring 2014 Meeting Schedule

13 January
Speaker: Dr. Alex Levchenko
Topic: Coulomb Drag and Mesoscopic Circuits
Additional: Thank you Dr. Levchenko for a very informative talk!

27 January
Speaker: Dr. Sean Liddick
Topic: Science with Radioactive Isotopes
Additional: Thank you Dr. Liddick for an exciting talk on research at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory!

10 February
General Body Meeting, Informal Q&A Session w/ Officers, T-Shirt designs

22 March
Fermilab Trip
A HUGE thank you to Kim, Greg, Deb, Roger, and everyone at Fermilab for a wonderful day filled with learning and wonder!

24 March
Speaker: Dr. Carl Schmidt
Topic: A Particle Theorist's View of the World
Additional: Thank you Dr. Schmidt for a great talk on the current state of particle physics!

7 April
Speaker: Dr. Scott Bogner
Topic: Ab-initio Nuclear Theory: Nuclei from the Ground Up
Additional: Thank you Dr. Bogner for an excellent intro to nuclear theory!

21 April
Positions available: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Fall 2013 Meeting Schedule

5 September
Annual SPS Fall Cookout
BPS Courtyard

9 September
Informational Meeting
Topic: Student Questions

23 September
Speaker: Dr. Laurens Keek
Topic: Thermonuclear X-Ray Bursts from Neutron Stars
Additional: Thank you Dr. Keek for a wonderfully insightful talk on a specific topic of nuclear astrophysics!

7 October
Speaker: Dr. Stuart Tessmer
Topic: What is Condensed Matter?
Additional: Thank you Dr. Tessmer for a peek into the large collection of topics that are contained within CMP!

21 October
Speaker: Dr. Scott Pratt
Topic: Graduate School
Additional: Thank you Dr. Pratt for answering many student questions about the graduate school application process!

4 November
Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Bauer
Topic: How Your Studying Physics Can Save The Planet
Additional: Thank you Dr. Bauer for staying late and answering all our questions about your research!

21 November
Cyclotron Tour - Time ~4PM
Additional: Thank you Dr. Constan and graduate student Charlie for the amazing tour of the NSCL!

5 December
Speaker: Dr. Wade Fisher
Topic: What Is The Higgs Boson?
Additional: Thank you Dr. Fisher for an entertaining and easy-to-understand introduction to how the Higgs works and its recent discovery!

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